Prof. Dr. Sebastian Pokutta

Vice President and Division Head
Mathematical Algorithmic Intelligence
AI in Society, Science, and Technology (AIS²T)
Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB)

Professor for Optimization and Machine Learning
Institute of Mathematics
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (courtesy)
Technische Universität Berlin

Recent Papers.

  1. Pokutta, S. (2020). Restarting Algorithms: Sometimes there is Free Lunch. To Appear in Proceedings of CPAIOR. [arXiv]
  2. Kerdreux, T., d’Aspremont, A., and Pokutta, S. (2020). Projection-Free Optimization on Uniformly Convex Sets. Preprint. [arXiv] [summary]
  3. Mortagy, H., Gupta, S., and Pokutta, S. (2020). Walking in the Shadow: A New Perspective on Descent Directions for Constrained Minimization. Preprint. [arXiv] [code]
  4. Combettes, C. W., and Pokutta, S. (2020). Boosting Frank-Wolfe by Chasing Gradients. To Appear in Proceedings of ICML. [arXiv] [summary] [slides] [code] [video]
  5. Carderera, A., and Pokutta, S. (2020). Second-order Conditional Gradient Sliding. Preprint. [arXiv] [summary] [code]
  6. Pfetsch, M., and Pokutta, S. (2020). IPBoost – Non-Convex Boosting via Integer Programming. To Appear in Proceedings of ICML. [arXiv] [summary] [slides] [code]
  7. Pokutta, S., Singh, M., and Torrico, A. (2020). On the Unreasonable Effectiveness of the Greedy Algorithm: Greedy Adapts to Sharpness. To Appear in Proceedings of ICML. [arXiv] [summary] [slides] [poster] [video]

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