Prof. Dr. Sebastian Pokutta

Vice President and Division Head
Mathematical Algorithmic Intelligence
AI in Society, Science, and Technology (AIS²T)
Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB)

Professor for Optimization and Machine Learning
Institute of Mathematics
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (courtesy)
Technische Universität Berlin

Recent Papers.

  1. Besançon, M., Carderera, A., and Pokutta, S. (2021). FrankWolfe.jl: a high-performance and flexible toolbox for Frank-Wolfe algorithms and Conditional Gradients. Preprint. [arXiv] [summary] [code]
  2. Chmiela, A., Khalil, E., Gleixner, A., Lodi, A., and Pokutta, S. (2021). Learning to Schedule Heuristics in Branch-and-Bound. Preprint. [arXiv] [summary]
  3. Kerdreux, T., Roux, C., d’Aspremont, A., and Pokutta, S. (2021). Linear Bandits on Uniformly Convex Sets. Preprint. [arXiv] [summary]
  4. Carderera, A., Diakonikolas, J., Lin, C. Y., and Pokutta, S. (2021). Parameter-free Locally Accelerated Conditional Gradients. Preprint. [arXiv]
  5. Kerdreux, T., d’Aspremont, A., and Pokutta, S. (2021). Local and Global Uniform Convexity Conditions. Preprint. [arXiv]
  6. Pokutta, S. (2021). Mathematik, Machine Learning und Artificial Intelligence. To Appear in Mitteilungen Der DMV (German). [PDF]
  7. Combettes, C. W., and Pokutta, S. (2021). Complexity of Linear Minimization and Projection on Some Sets. Preprint. [arXiv] [code]
  8. Braun, G., and Pokutta, S. (2021). Dual Prices for Frank-Wolfe Algorithms. Preprint. [arXiv]
  9. Carderera, A., Pokutta, S., Schütte, C., and Weiser, M. (2021). CINDy: Conditional gradient-based Identification of Non-linear Dynamics – Noise-robust recovery. Preprint. [arXiv] [summary]
  10. Kerdreux, T., d’Aspremont, A., and Pokutta, S. (2021). Projection-Free Optimization on Uniformly Convex Sets. To Appear in Proceedings of AISTATS. [arXiv] [summary] [slides]
  11. Combettes, C. W., Spiegel, C., and Pokutta, S. (2020). Projection-Free Adaptive Gradients for Large-Scale Optimization. Preprint. [arXiv] [summary] [code]
  12. Pokutta, S., Spiegel, C., and Zimmer, M. (2020). Deep Neural Network Training with Frank-Wolfe. Preprint. [arXiv] [summary] [code]
  13. Carderera, A., and Pokutta, S. (2020). Second-order Conditional Gradient Sliding. Preprint. [arXiv] [summary] [code]

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